Moto Guard®

Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and Gas Companies

In 2006, Moto Guard® and lubricants containing Moto Guard® underwent testing on the oil-extracting equipment of JSC "Udmurttorf" and JSC "Udmurtneft". On JSC "Udmurttorf" Oil/Gas Production Division "Jac-Bodya" 19.05.2006 of the piston pump NB-125-1 No. 7694 Moto Guard® processing resulted in from 73 A to 55 A electrical current decrease that gave reduction of power consumption by 123,44 kW and reduction of costs of 282181 dolars in a quarter.

On JSC "Udmurtneft" Oil/Gas Production Division „Gremikha" 24.07.2006 sectional pump CNS-300 * 240 No. 1(Moto Guard® was added in the reducer oil, grease "Politerm - multipurpose - ARС" was added to the pump bearings and to the electric motor bearings) Moto Guard® processing resulted in from 100 ° C to 70 ° C transmission bearings temperature decrease and from 135 A to 130 A electrical motor load current decrease.

Long-term monitoring of multiple Moto Guard® processed pumps showed an 2-3 times overhaul interval increase.

Possibility of pump rods and seals service life increase has been checked. Instead of chromium plating, solid lubricating coating based on polyurethane with ARC was applied on a rod, and ARC antifriction filler was added to rubber of seals. As a result, service life of a rod and of a seal was twice increased. Significantly greater rod - seal pair lifetime increase may be obtained by means of polyurethane elastomers with ARC self-lubricating seals.

Delivery in the Arctic version and in the equatorial version of oils and greases, exceeding the world level of wearability, but much cheaper than the imported samples, is possible.