Moto Guard®

Enterprises of the cement, coal and mining industry.

Enterprises of the cement, coal and mining industry.

Our experience on 8 holding "EUROCEMENT group” cement a plant in Russia from 2006 to 2014 indicates the possibility of:

  1. Restore, during operation, without dismantling
    • raw materials and cement grinding mills reducers and rotary kilns main drive reducing gears;
    • turbo-compressors, turbo-expanders multiplying gears and bearings; piston compressors cylinder-piston group;
    • internal combustion engines compression and torque, cars transmission resource.
  2. Eliminate overheating and to prolong service life of trunnion bearings; of electric motors rotor plain bearings; of smoke exhausters, crushers, screw pumps bearings; and of any other rolling and sliding bearings.
  3. Restore, to prolong service life and to reduce the energy consumption of all types driving gears.

We offer:

  1. The solid lubricant coatings with Moto Guard® to protect bodies and bunkers from sticking, abrasive and corrosive wear; to protect working surfaces of pneumatic , hydro-transport systems and containers for transporting of cement, raw materials, sludge, sewage, corrosive environments, and so on; of grinding mills, feeders, conveyors, cranes and railway transport wheel flanges; cement-mixers against wear and sticking.
  2. With Moto Guard® self-lubricated polyurethane elastomers with ARC seals, gaskets, O-rings, rubber-lined parts.
  3. With Moto Guard® high-temperature 250 оС grease " Politerm " and 1200 оС paste.
  4. Waste-free use of oils and greases.
  5. Moto Guard® for fuel providing additional 10% fuel consumption reduction.
  6. Original techniques of vibration diagnostics and of rolling bearings and other details entrance control.

At cement works, addition of Moto Guard® 40 l to 2 tons of cement grinding mills oil guarantees reducer restoration and trunnion bearings overheating elimination. The reasons of idle times are eliminated therefore the cost of processing pays off already for 12-20 additional business hours of a mill.