Moto Guard®

Devices and machines powered by an internal combustion engine.

Devices and machines powered by an internal combustion engine.

Moto Guard® is compatible with absolutely all automotive mineral and synthetic oils available on the market. It does not affect the properties of the oil, but only spread thereof in the engine.

Proven guarantee of the Institute of Solid State Physics at - A Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

Use Moto Guard® BECAUSE:

  1. Holds motor oil on solids in the zone of friction, and thus created surface layer reduces the energy of the solid.
  2. Improves the anti-friction and reduces the resistance by lowering the coefficient of friction by reducing the surface energy.
  3. Restores worn friction units and parts in engines and transmissions to 95% of their initial resource.
  4. Fill received due to work scratches.
  5. Clean the motor engine oil (oil highways, crankcase oil pump) from resinous deposits and soot.
  6. Decreases corrosion of metal surfaces by filling constituted violations of surfaces.
  7. Lowering the gas-permeability of the material and thus reduces the aging of the materials.

WHAT achieved using Moto Guard®?

  1. The double extension work runs your engine
  2. Reduction of the friction force, reducing fuel costs as follows:
    • In urban environments - from 5 to 16%
    • In a suburban setting - 7 to 23%
  3. Analysis of the results of tests carried out showed that the engine power is increased:
    • For gasoline engines from 11.2% to 22.4%;
    • For diesel engines from 9.7 to 18.6 percent.
  4. With Moto Guard ® low temperature is not a problem.
    • In tests the engine is started at - 25 ° C results are astounding - load of Electro starters systems of petrol and diesel engines is reduced by 22% and 16%. This in turn extends the life of the battery, and the whole Electro starters system.
  5. Protection engine of "DRY START" or 50 kilometers without oil. Even in the most advanced lubrication systems of modern cars, "dry start" is reduced, but by no means can be avoided. By using the Moto Guard® - that's a fact.
  6. Defend not only cars, but also nature. In tests performed found that after treatment Engine Moto Guard® level vented carbon dioxide is reduced between 25% and 33%.
  7. Moto Guard® recommended for use in older engines, and new engines!

Note. DO NOT treat with compositions AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION!